High quality, affordable carbon fibre and fibreglass bows that you can rehair yourself, available in a variety of colours and sizes.

P&H Bows

P&H bows are recommended and used by many teachers and students worldwide for their quality and affordability. Our fibreglass bows are more durable than wood bows and the synthetic stick is not affected by changes in humidity. P&H are also the only bows you can easily rehair yourself.


Made using quality materials to ensure excellent strength to weight ratio and accurate control.


Great value prices make our bows a popular choice for students and teachers.


Our unique bows continue to be recommended by seasoned professionals throughout the world.


No need to throw away your old bow. P&H bows are designed to allow you to change the hair yourself.

Available to buy in the UK and worldwide.

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“I would recommend the P&H to anyone, from beginner to seasoned pro. You simply cannot go wrong with this bow.”

Vlad Shvartsman, Blues Cellist – Canada

5 star review

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