P&H bows are recommended by many teachers and widely used by many students for their resilient quality and easy rehairing system.

Students and teachers love our bows

Teachers like our bows because the synthetic material is less likely to break under the normal wear and tear of student life. The fibreglass stick is also unaffected by changes in climate and unlikely to warp or bend. Your P&H bow can be easily rehaired at home, following our easy rehairing system, which gives your bow a longer life and saves on the costs of a rehair or buying a new bow.

Easy rehairing system – rehair your bow at home

When the hair on your P&H bow is showing signs of wear or becoming a little thin, don’t throw your bow away and buy another, just rehair it following our easy instructions.

Learn how we’ve been making our bows for the past 30 years and what makes them such a popular choice with students and teachers.

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