The P&H Range of Bows

P&H Cello Bow

Fibreglass Cello Bow

  • Easily rehair the bow yourself
  • Durable fibreglass stick
  • Natural white hair
  • Resistant to warping
  • Widely used by students and teachers
Cello brown

Brown (Standard)

P&H cello bows are widely recommended by teachers for their resilience as the fibreglass stick will not warp in hot or damp conditions. The bow is well-balanced with natural white horsehair and can be easily and quickly rehaired using the unique easy re-hairing system.

– Standard bow (brown) available in 4/4 -1/4 sizes
– Coloured bow available in 4/4 -1/4 sizes (5 colours)

5 colour options
Cello blue


Cello red


Cello purple


Cello black


Carbon Fibre Cello Bow

  • Carbon composite stick
  • Ebony frog, full nickel mounts
  • Unique easy rehairing system
Cello carbon fibre

Black (Carbon Fibre)

The P&H carbon fibre cello bow is a high tech, high tensile quality bow at an affordable price. This is the result of many years of P&H research into carbon technology. This P&H cello bow has a light carbon fibre stick with natural white horsehair, which you can easily rehair yourself, using a P&H bow hank. The ebony frog has full nickel mounts, Parisienne eye and abalone slide.

– Available in 4/4 size

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